The Funny Phone Booth - All Your Favorite Telephone Classics






Actual Classic Audio Phone Prank Clips  (Warning - Graphic Language)

Clips in Blue have Accompanying Video

Orley Morlins - The "Whup Ass Calls"

Orley Calls Eddie's Auto

Orley Calls Eddie's Auto Back Again

Orley Calls Thom McCann Shoe Store

Orley Calls C&C Junk Yard

Orley Calls C&C Junk Yard Back Again

Orley Calls the Gay Bar  (vid)

Orley Calls About 357 Shells

Orley Wants to Buy Some Pigs

Orley the Heathen Calls Mrs Galyon

Orley Calls About His Wife's Fat Ass

Orley Calls Reverend Raleigh Arnwine

Orley and Cemetary Plots

The Whupass Boogie

 The Gay Bar Hop

 Video - The Legacy of John Bean



Lucius Tate - "Is Yo Old Lady A Ho?"

Shook Yo D**k (1)

Mrs Julius Pitts

Killer Goat

Shook Yo D**k (version 2)

Lucius Tate - Float Me A Loan

Lucius Tate - Arlene   (vid)

Out on Yo Front Porch

Hoe Out My Flower Bed   (vid)

This is Elrod    (vid)

Out on Yo Front Porch with a Corn Cob

Free Dental Appointment    (vid)

The Dentist


Bubba Johnson

Curly Sue

Do Some Digging

Is This Sterling

Is Yo Old Lady a Ho

National Business Association

Sorry Assed Referee

The House

You Ran Me Off the Road

You Ran Over My Dog

You Want Me to Bring My Toys ?

Possum Stew

 Yo Tomcat is Eatin' Up My Chickens

 Lucius Tate - Ann's Buffer

Yo Frankie - This is an Obscene Phone Call





The Jerky Boys - "I'm Very Hurt Over This !"

The Jerky Boys Movie

Egyptian Magician

Auto Mechanic

Gay Model



Auto Sales

The Dentist

Hurt At Work



Starter Repair

Busted Tiles

Uncle Freddie

Mexican Roofers

Punitive Damages - Sue Everybody

Frank Rizzo Busted

Home Wrecker

Insulator Job

The Mattress King

Truck Driver

Mickey Mouse

Sol Rosenberg's Eyeglasses

Controversial Advertising

Cremation Services

Frank Rizzo vs Nigerian Scammer (sb)

Chinese Laundry

Piano Tuner

Gay Construction Worker

Drinking Problem



Code Red - Call RED At the Tube Bar !!!

Tube Bar Red - Al Coholic

Red - The Chipmunks 1

Red - The Chipmunks 2

Red - Stu Peit


Red - Sausage

Red - Ben Dover

Red - Is This Red ?

Red - Red You Suck !

 Red - Where's My Father

 Red - Your Mother

 Red - Joe Dildo

Red - Al Kikurass

Red - I Was There !

Red - Pepe Roni

Red - Insurance

Red - Syd Down ... Stan Dup




Mad Mildred - "You're a #*&^$ Sorry Outfit !"

Mad Mildred - Call 1

Mad Mildred - Call 2

Mad Mildred - Call 3

Mad Mildred - Call 4

Mad Mildred - Call 5

Mad Mildred - Call 6

Mad Mildred - Call 7

Mad Mildred - Call 8

Mad Mildred - Call 9

Mad Mildred - Call 10

Mad Mildred - Call 11

Mad Mildred - Call 12

Mad Mildred - All Calls In Order




Rickey Smiley

Church's Fried Chicken - What Church is This?

My Husband Wants a Big Ole Comfortable Casket

Do Y'all Have Some Sweet Milk

Fighting Grandma

Funeral Services - Wilbur Smith



Angry Janitor - Someone Left a Big Nasty Mess In the Bafroom Commode

***  Fake Viagra Prescription  ***

Bernice Calls the Orkin Man

Dope in the Breast of My Dead Girl

Repo Man

Coloreds is Taking Over

Retard Stole My Paper

Is My Daddy Over There ?

Mommy Sex Dat You Be My Daddy

Is My Girl Over Der

Yo Child is Rude

Chinese Store Call

Boiled Rottweiller Lips

Chinese Christmas Carols


Roy Wood Junior

Marriage License Change

Mexican Apartments

Your Teeth Is Yellow and Your Breath Stinks

Kung Fu Refund

Reparations Check

AA Meeting From the Church

Roaches in the Chicken

Clean Up That Yard

Tax Return Cuss Out

Dr Azibo Vs The Kappa

Bake My Bicuits

Old Dirty Burgers

Arm in the Toilet

Rat in the Dishwasher



Home Alone Calls - (Mr Grind)

Man Peepin at Me in Da Bafroom

Mr Grind Calls the Pastor

Da Funeral Home

I Got Burned By the Shower

Gay Hotel


Da Waffle House

Old Negro CD Call

I Got A Bad Itch

Walmart Tampon Call




Mr Burgess

Big Brothers - Little Bros

National Gay Day

Please Buy My Magazines

Mr Burgess Owes Child Support

Gay Lesbian School

NASCAR Phone Survey



Odds and Ends

The Gynecology Clinic Recording

The Deer and the Dog 911 Call

Little Ole Ladies Beat Up Guy

How to Properly Handle Telemarketers

Scottish Pizza Delivery Phone Pranks

TV Host Bombed with Prank Calls

Prank Calls to Crazy Church Show

Continuous Prank Calls to a Psychic Show

The Notorious "BOO GOT SHOT"

 Roy D Mercer Calls the Police Chief

Andrew Dice Clay Pranks Black Couple

Miss Cleo Calls Old Lady

Your Donuts Made My Hogs Sick

Redneck Woman - I'm On Crack Call

Put the Boys in Ballet

Marriage License Charges Increase